Being much more than just a beautiful beach destination, Mauritius offers all types of sports and leisure-activities to satisfy even the most sophisticated visitor!

Activities encompass all kinds of water activities, from boat tours, whale- and dolphin watching to snorkeling, scuba-diving, kayaking and deep sea fishing.

Lands sports include hiking, mountaineering, canyoning, horse riding, mountain-and quad-biking. Those willing to take off and see the island from high up, might go for a zip lining or skydiving adventure.

But there’s still much more to this tiny island! Mauritius thrives on a rich cultural and historical heritage and as a result, this bubbling melting pot has not only temples, churches, museums and historical attractions, but also a cuisine that brings reflections of India, China, France and many more countries and cultures onto the palate. Visitors can enjoy haute cuisine in exclusive restaurants, enjoy island specialties in small family “restos” throughout the island or even sample specialties sold by street vendors; food in Mauritius is super- delicious and safe to enjoy anywhere.

Independent-minded travellers might opt for an island tour by bus and a visit of the many public parks or beaches. Families with children can benefit from leisure parks with many child-appropriate attractions. Those in for a mix of culture-nature and great food might want to choose from a range of specifically tailored sustainable day tours to gain interesting insights into the island’s unique nature, dazzling landscapes, meet people, and learn a few words in the local patois “Creole”.

Skydive Mauritius

A 10,000 ft Tandem Skydive is one of the more recent activities introduced in Mauritius. It takes place on the North-east Coast of the island, in Riviere Du Rempart. The activity consists of a briefing with an instructor, a plane ride to reach the required altitude, freefall and a flight under canopy before landing.

Swim With Dolphins

A speed boat outing from the West Coast of Mauritius, starts in the early hours of the morning for an encounter with the dolphins that have made the lagoon their home. If luck is on your side, you will get some up close and personal time swimming alongside the dolphins. The trip also includes time for some snorkelling.

Sailing In The South

You set sail from the turquoise lagoon of Old Grand Port, which was the first port of the island and where the earliest settlers began their explorations along the coast to Ile aux Cerfs (Deer island). The trip offers the opportunity for some snorkelling, a visit to the Grand River South East Waterfalls, and a visit to the pristine sandy beach of Ile aux Cerfs, as well as spectacular mountain scenery to behold.