This tiny but beautiful Island Republic is situated smack in the middle of a deep blue Ocean. Thanks to a long stretched protective barrier reef, its turquoise lagoons are adorned by stunning white sandy beaches.

Yes, Mauritius is famous for its beach life, but also for its unique nature with exotic plant life and many rare species of tropical bird, fruit bats and a host of interesting creatures dwelling in the Ocean depths.

Island history too, is very interesting! Involving a population combined of myriad cultures and religions, great adventures, wars and astonishing events have shaped today’s multicultural society. Myriad places of interest bear witness of long ago awe and glory; whereas the many believe-systems and religions of this multi-ethnic melting pot are celebrated in colourful parades and festivals throughout the year.

Visitors will certainly enjoy not only enjoy the natural kindness of the islanders, but also their wonderful food made from local fish, tropical vegetables and exotic fruits. Fine dining happens anywhere on the island and the chefs are smart enough to adapt all-too-spicy specialties to the tender palates of their guests.

Mauritius Dream Holidays can be action-filled, utterly private and romantic, or a family-highlight involving leisure and pleasure. But they are best enjoyed in a beach-house or seaside-apartment. As the beaches are shallow and have a gentle drop, they are quite safe to play and you will find paradise right at your doorstep; whilst falling asleep and waking to the rhythmic sound of Ocean waves.

So involving a multitude of cultures, religions, wars and astonishing events, island history is quite adventurous. Visitors are amazed by the many places of interest, museums, nature attractions and religious monuments to discover and enjoy. Today, a very hospitable multi-ethnic society with various religions, languages and cultural diversities provides ample background for an interesting and unique tropical holiday.